Electronic Document Hub and Archive

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    Standardised document workflow is the basis of an integrated, batch-oriented system which serves as a gateway between enterprises, banking institutions, third party financial processors, and end users. The software package produces and distributes via different channels all types of financial and business documents, including invoices, orders, delivery letters, memos, payment reminders and dunning letters, credit notices, other unstructured documents etc. It also initiates and monitors transactions, and signs and archives the electronic documents.

    A typical deployment can integrate multiple document providing enterprises and financial institutions. We can host the system as a standalone service, or it can be integrated within the customers existing IT infrastructure or web portal.

      Key features:

    • powerful XML interface which supports subscriptions to document streams, document batch submissions, and system monitoring
    • customisable tools supporting conversion to and from any unstructured, record based, and XML data format
    • support for multiple streams of business documents
    • user accounts creation and management
    • security and access control at portal or business document level
    • online, and email presentment of business documents, and SMS reminders
    • powerful document search, filtering and overview capabilities
    • comprehensive reporting capabilities with options for data export in PDF, XML, and CSV format
    • integration with existing online banking solutions and payment processors
    • integration with existing corporate portals (e.g. product catalogues, shopping baskets, etc.)
    • complete document archive with online controlled access
    • native mobile applications for end users and system administrators
    • complete finance account management
    • variety of predefined business documents (account statements, orders, invoices, dunning letters, etc.)
    • build-in ticketing and dispute management
    • marketing module