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  1. Software Development

    Services section

    In addition to creating our own applications, we at Tuparev Technologies also provide contract services to other companies seeking help with their applications for iOS, macOS, or watchOS, or complete custom software systems and Enterprise web portals. Whether it be design, graphics, development, or deployment or hosting, we can assist you with bringing your Mac or iOS projects to life.

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    • Inception

      We accompany our clients in the journey from problem definition through initial solution prototyping to complete project analysis and project plan. In addition we can also help you with the upgrade of existing applications or the migrations to newer iOS, macOS, or watchOS versions.

    • Design

      Our visual and UX designers can create or adapt for you beautiful, intuitive, yet simple product blueprints that drive product use and engage users. We can implement these designs for iOS, macOS, and the Web.

    • Engineering and technologies

      Our software engineers develop and test mobile, desktop, and web emerging tech products that are performant and scalable. In addition, we offer:

      • Development of custom server applications
      • Communication with backend services and data storage
      • Performance analysis and tuning of existing applications
      • Submission and maintenance in iTunes Connect / AppStore
    • Our toolbox contains

      • Objective-C, Swift, Java and WebObjects, JavaScript
      • XML, JSON, and flat file parsing and conversion
      • Data Base architecture and administration
      • WebService development (REST/SOAP)
      • Various scripting and workflow automation
      • Integration with Pay, Newsstand, iCloud/CloudKit
      • Integration with HomeKit
      • WebKit-based solutions
      • OpenGL, OpenCL, Metal, CoreAudio, SpriteKit, etc.
    • Deployment and support

      We provide support for our clients' systems throughout the entire lifespan of the project. We also offer scalable hosting solutions at multiple sites across Europe.

  2. e–Publishing

    Services section

    Despite the wide variety of existing automatic conversion services the conversion from original author's text to modern publishing formats with dynamic content is not always straightforward and often needs complex processing steps. For example, automatic conversion is not possible in cases when the original text is accompanied by a loosely written storyboard describing the behaviour of the dynamic content.

    Mastering the dynamic electronic publishing content is a time- and resource-consuming process not related to the author's primary competence. This is where Tuparev Technologies can help by providing a variety of publishing services.

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    • Conversion from PDF, Word, Pages, PowerPoint, Keynote, and DocBook formats to epub and Apple's iBooks Author
    • Adding of custom formatting and pagination
    • Support for inline presentation of: movies, exploding graphics, timeline diagrams, slideshows, keynote presentations, and quizzes
    • Support for animated content
    • Development and integration of publishing-related custom solutions, for example ageing graphics or quizzes available for a certain amount of time
    • Quality control and proofreading
  3. Keep your apps alive!

    Services section

    After it has been initially developed every App needs to be maintained, to evolve, and to be made compatible with newer versions of the operating system and server APIs.

    To your existing apps we can introduce new capabilities and localisations. Because we believe that technology should be accessible to everyone, we can also make your app fully accessible (vision, hearing, physical and motor, and learning and literacy disabilities).

    Based on a subscription service we can take care of your existing application. We will keep the App in good health and your customers satisfied. We will initially evaluate your application with regards to complexity and source code quality and will make an offer for a monthly/yearly subscription. Together we can define a set of the available services which will keep your App up-to-date.

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    • Adding localisation and accessibility

      • Client and server-side localisation support
      • Converting existing app UI's to size classes and storyboards
      • Complete support for accessibility
    • Maintenance and upgrade

      • We support apps for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS
      • Bug fixing
      • Crash report monitoring
      • Performance optimisations
      • Upgrades required by newer versions of the corresponding operating system
      • Updates required by server-side API changes
      • Source code refactoring
      • Small functionality and UI enhancements
      • Maintenance of a source code repository
      • Support with AppStore deployment
  4. Projects

    Services section

    Implemented types of projects include:

    • Financial document warehouse and document distribution hub. More...
    • Raw data processing, analysis, and client invoicing for mobile operators.
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    • Aggregating and structuring of course data for education portals and distributing education materials
    • Complete software solution for control of a large and heterogeneous network of remotely controlled robotic astronomical observatories. More...
    • Custom iOS/ macOS apps communicating with backend data servers. More...

    Some of our clients

  5. Make your Apps Accessible!

    We strongly believe that technology should be accessible to everyone. We are trying to make all our products accessible for everyone, especially for people with various disabilities.

    With the years we have gained a significant amount of expertise in making software products accessible - not only technical know-how, but also conceptual ideas how to design accessible software. Now we are offering our services to others who need help to make their software products accessible to everyone.

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    • Design

      • Help design software for people with various type and severity of disability
      • Make existing designs accessible
      • Teach how to create accessible software
    • Testing

      • Test existing apps if they are accessible for different types of disabilities
      • Teach testing techniques
      • Write testing scripts and plans
    • Developer support

      • Add accessibility to existing software products
      • Convert existing accessibility implementation to new standards and libraries
      • Create custom accessible UI elements
      • Teach developers how to integrate accessibility
      • We support apps for iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and the Web
  6. Technologies

    Services section

    Tuparev Technologies develops and hosts complex software solutions involving large and scalable server components and user-friendly native and web clients. We are specialised in:

    • Big Data

      We are experts in handling of huge volumes of data. On every stage of the data cycle (loading, storing, presenting, archiving) we support client-specific data format conversions, data validations, and statistical and other analysis.

    • Multiple legacy and modern data streams

      Our implementations accept any type of input data (REST APIs, legacy record-based data streams, database exports, XML or JSON formatted data, etc). Depending on our client's needs we could also provide any type of output data or Web Services API. Data conversion is done with our own proprietary tool, based on schema mappings.

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    • Fast scalable solutions

      Following modern trends – mobile based apps communicating with centralised data stores, our server solutions can be scaled to support larger volumes of data and bigger number of end users.

    • How we work with clients

      We are proponents of agile development with short iterations. During the entire lifetime of the project, in accordance of our customer's changing or growing needs, the complexity and the functionality of your system will gradually evolve, without downtime periods. If required, data migration can be automated and more input and output data streams can be added to the system.

    • Hosting

      On request, we will host and support deployed solutions for our customers. This includes also standard communications and notifications to client apps and platform provides (e.g. Apple in case of iOS clients).

    We are applying and further developing our know-how and technology base in the completion and support of past and current projects.